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Texas Hold’em

How It is Played

Preflop – It is when blinds and antes are put up. Beginning with the small blind, everyone gets two cards dealt to them, one at a time. At this moment, there is a betting round.

Flop – It is when one card from the deck is dealt into the muck i.e.the burn, and then three card are placed face up in the middle of the table. Then happens a betting round. Turn Card – When another card is placed face up on the table, it is called the "turn card" or "fourth street". Then follows a betting round.

River Card – It is the last card placed face up on the table, and is also known as "fifth street". Now there starts a betting round.

Showdown - starting with the bettor, or if no one bets the first person by position, each person shows the cards and the winner gets the pot.

No Limit Betting Amounts

When you are playing no limit Texas Hold’em, the utmost a person can bet or raise is the amount of chips they have. The minimum they could bet or raise is the amount of the initial bet. It is reset after each hand. An instance of this would be if I bet $50 on the flop. To raise me you would have to raise in an increment of $50 minimum or an amount higher that you like. Notice the initial bet was $50 so that is the minimum I can really raise. The next betting round this amount goes back to zero so the first bet could be anything, even one dollar. Note that preflop there is previously a "bet" and it is the big blind so that is the least amount you can raise.

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