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Action Buttons :
A lot of online poker rooms have action buttons that allow players to state their intentions on a hand before the action actually gets to them. The computer performs this decision as soon as it is the player’s turn. You can simply tell that a player has used an action button because there will absolutely be no gap between that player’s action and the previous players. Your opponents would most likely use the “call any” action button if they are on a draw and the “raise any” button if they hold a solid hand. They will hardly ever use these buttons on a bluff, since a bluff is situation dependant. As a result, be more likely to respect these types of bets.

Pauses :
Pay good attention to how long your opponent takes to call or raise you. If a player purposely stalls and then raises you, they often have a very strong hand and are trying to lure you in. If they stall and then just call, they frequently have weak, marginal hands, or drawing hands.

Table Talk :
A good number of online poker rooms have chat boxes that allow players to talk to each other. You can utilize the chat boxes to determine the strength of your opponent’s hands. You can do this in the same way you would in a live casino. Online opponents who hold strong hands would often try to win over you into calling. Don’t ever fall for it. Be less ready to call an opponent who is challenging you online.

Word of caution :
While poker tells are a very potent tool that will take your game to the next level, they should be viewed as a supplement to (not a replacement of) the solid fundamental game that you learned as a player at beginning level. Do not, for instance, call an opponent all the way down with a queen high just because you know he is bluffing. Do, still, use the information you learned to make tough and marginal decisions easier and more profitable.

A tell is one of several signs from a player that gives away information about his/her strategy or hand. In a real world poker game it’s quite easy to pick up on other people tells, but sadly it's also easier to give away tells yourself. In online poker your physical body language has no real effect; no-one can see your smile when you are dealt those pocket aces. Nonetheless, there are other online tells to pick up on.

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