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Below are some of the top poker tournaments held around the globe:

World Poker Tour- World Poker Tour (WPT) is a weekly televised series of about 13 poker tournaments held worldwide. Started back in 2003 and aired on the Travel Channel, the TV program features real casino events and has helped poker and poker players to gain a wider audience.

World Series of Poker. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) was started out of a high-stake dare in the summers of 1949. In this regard a story goes, Nicholas "Nick the Greek" Dandolos approached Horseshoe owner Benny Binion with an unusual request --- to challenge the world's best poker player in a public marathon.

Monte Carlo Millions. Phil Ivey became 2005 Monte Carlo Millions Champion after he defeated top poker players from around the world. He carried home $1 million prize money and the much-coveted championship title of the first poker tournament to ever be held in the illustrious Casino de Monte-Carlo.

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If you follow our instructions you can even run a home style version of a World Poker Tour or World Series of Poker. Letís explain the blind structure now-You hold a few options regarding the blind structure of the game: big blind and small blind plus ante, one blind and ante and big blind and small blind,. An ante means that you put in that much amount before you get your cards. It is kind of a forced bet like the blinds, but everyone has to do it instead of just one or two people. You may have noticed when watching poker on tv that there are already a lot of chips in the pot before they actually start betting. That comes from the ante. You would never find this in many casinos, only in tournaments. The consequence this has is that it makes for more action. Action is a term for describing raising, betting, and An "action" or "live" game is when there is a lot of money being bet back and forth. A case of a game with a big/small blind plus an ante is as follows. The big blind starts at $15 and the small blind starts at $10 and there is a $5 ante. Observe how with 10 people at a table, the pot is already $65 -$15 $10 (8x5). I advocate this structure for home games since like I mentioned it encourages action, and rightly so. People are here to have fun, raise, bet and go battle it out and the best blind structure for a wild game is only this one

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