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Poker professionals aren’t really special. They don’t have any innate talents or ESP (trust us, we checked), but what they do have is considerable knowledge of the game of poker.

Our professional poker players distilled that knowledge into dozens of free poker lessons to help you improve your game. These poker lessons are easy enough for new players to understand, yet contain concepts powerful enough to improve anyone’s game.

Free Poker Lessons
Poker Lesson 274: Avoiding a Free Card
It can be very tempting to take a free card when you have a weak hand, in the hopes that youÂ’ll improve without having to risk any more chips...
Poker Lesson 273: Slowplaying Queens
You can sometimes capture bigger pots by slowplaying your premium hands instead of driving the action...
Poker Lesson 272: Cash Games with Antes
When you sit at cash game tables which feature antes, the pots are bigger than usual...
Poker Lesson 271: Bluffing the 3rd Draw in Badugi
When you have position in a heads-up Badugi hand, youÂ’ve a great opportunity to bluff the 3rd draw and take down the pot...
Poker Lesson 270: Understanding Effective Stacks
When you understand the concept of Effective Stacks, you can adjust your play to better compete against all opponents, whatever their stack size...
All Poker Lessons were written by the Professional Team at Full Tilt Poker. The live Poker Lessons RSS Feed is provided by The Poker

The information in these poker lessons is priceless and can easily add hundreds of dollars to your win rate. All you have to do is read up, then head to your online poker room and apply your knowledge.

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