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Whoever declared you can’t get something for nothing has most likely never heard of a freeroll tournament. When playing this sort of tournament many players turn it in to an “all-in fest” with three or five people at each table going all in on the first few hands. The theory being that if you get lucky you could build an early big stack and if not it was free so who cares. This style of play indicates a wasted opportunity in my opinion.

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Freeroll Texas Holdem poker tournaments are a grand way to prepare for the World Series of Poker. The fields at the World Series are massive. You can use freeroll tournaments to practice protecting your stack while defeating other players. More notably you can work on the most important trait a winning World Series performance requires, patience. You must learn when to just sit back and let players reduce each other.

Freeroll tournaments are also a big way to practice different styles of play. One of the keys to winning poker is knowing how to “change gears”. All through the early stages when everyone else is playing psycho aggressive sit back and wait for the right hand. Simply play super tight. Choose your spots during the middle levels. When bubble time comes change gears and up your aggression level. Each of these styles is a vital part of your arsenal. Use freeroll tournaments to whet those skills in this last month before The 2008 World Series of Poker.

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